Undergraduate Education

Overview of Majors and Careers
Introduction to our majors
Career opportunities and possibilities: By Major | By Work Setting
Getting Started
Looking to be a Student, Getting Acquainted, and Starting Your Penn State Experience
Undergraduate Units and Programs
Academic Units, Majors, Minors, Career Opportunities, and Experiences Beyond the Classroom
Our Story/
Meet our current students and recent alumni from across the College
Student Support and Services
Student Services Center, Financial Aid, Housing, Faculty/ Department Contacts, Policies and Procedures, Academic Integrity
Honors Program
Honors Program, Health and Human Development Honor Society
Global Opportunities
Study Abroad, Global Penn State
Research Opportunities
Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students
Organizations and Initiatives
Organizations and Initiatives, Alumni Mentoring Program
Take a Professor to Lunch
Enjoy lunch with a professor
Information for graduates, families and guests, and about the pre-commencement reception
Visit and Apply
Groups of students in the background with a note asking students to follow our Twitter account @HHDStudentInfo so they can learn about resources they can use.